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Akinori Ogata participate in "Stocks for Tots" (Dec/2/2011)

Slickcart event report"Stocks for Tots" was created as a way to bring together stock car racing and its fans, while raising awareness of the child abuse problem in North Carolina. The idea was to collect toys and raise money during a festive, family-oriented holiday event. Akinori Ogata will paeticipate in Autograph session of that event at 7pm-9pm.

When : December 6, 2011
Where : NASCAR Technical Institute
What time : 5pm-9pm

Ogata to run "STAND WITH JAPAN" at Gresham and Myrtle Beach (Nov/ 2/ 2011)
2011 Spomsors

The #83 AKINORI PERFORMANCE,TOYOTA CAMRY driven by Akinori Ogata at the Gresham Motorsports park and Myrtle Beach Speedway continue carry a message "STAND WITH JAPAN" during the his racing event. features the message "Cheer" to disaster area in Japan that was huge Earthquake and Tunami of March 11,2011. The paint scheme is part of a partnership between TOTO USA to help support disaster area in Japan. Two events that Akinori Ogata runs about for are BEAU SCLOCUMB MEMORIAL100 at Grehsam Motorsports Park, G.A. November 12th and Martle Beach 400 at Myrtle Beach Speedway,S.C. November 20th.

UPDATE: KAJIMA Building & Design Group, Inc. a designing and constructing facilities in the US, will sponsor the #83 with driver Akinori Ogata for a total of two races in the Late Models schedule.(11/9/2011)

UP DATE:Bad luck continued to plague Akinori Ogata throughout the weekend of Beau Slocumb Memorila 100 which was held on November 12 at Gresham Motorsports Park. In spite of various troubles during practice on the 11th (power steering and clutch problems), we were able to set up our car so that we could run close to the qualifying times. Shortly into our qualifying run, the engine started to go sour and we were not able to accelerate. Due to the poor qualifying effort, we were forced to start from the rear. After qualifying, we carefully inspected the car and found out that the small spring inside the distributor had been knocked off. It was puzzling as how it had been knocked off. We will be participating with Charlie Sigmon, who has worked as a member of a crew for a Cup team, as my crew chief until the Myrtle Beach 400 on the 20th. We were able to set up our car smoothly in spite of the various troubles thanks to Charlie and all of the crew members.We were able to start the race confidant that all of our problems had been solved, but we lightly touched the inside wall to miss the spinning car in front of me on the first turn right after the start. As it was a light contact, we started the engine to rejoin the race, but we found out that the radiator had been leaking, so we were forced to retire without completing a lap. It was only a small dent on the radiator, but it was terminal.Even though we feel bad about the sponsors supporting us along with the friends that came to see us, we will start preparing for the upcoming Myrtle beach 400 with renewed vigor.(11/16/2011)

UPDATE: We participated in Myrtle Beach 400, the major season ending race for NASCAR Whelen All-American Series which was held at South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach. This race attracts the best drivers from the South which is the hot bed of NASCAR racing, with the Late Model class attracting 59 entries. This was the first race at the legendary track for Ogata, so he started practicing from the first session to set up the car and to get himself ready. He got accustomed to the slippery race track, and was able to end practice with the speeds close to the top cars. 2 lap qualifying was held on the 19th, with the result of 55th fastest. As a result, he entered the heat race to determine the 40 starters for the race on 20th. He had to pass 9 cars in the 25 lap heat race to earn a spot on the starting for the main event, but he ended up finishing 14th. He ended the day 5 cars short of making the field.Like Gresham, we got caught in the accident of the car running in front of us at Heat Race, but we were able to continue in the race by tearing off the body to take the checkered flag. As we had not been able to receive the checkered flag for the last several races, we would like to change the tide with this run. During the off season, we would like to form a solid team to achieve good results and get Win in 2012. We would like to thank Sponsors, Crew member and fans for your support in 2011.(11/27/2011)

Akinori participate in 51th Sakura Matsuri of Washington DC (Jan/15/2011)

SakuraMatsuri"Sakura Matsuri-Japanese Street Festival" ,held as the climax to the National Cherry Blossom Festival which is held annually every April in Washington D.C., is one of the largest Japanese events held in North America. Japanese Street Festival is held on the popular Pennsylvania Avenue, the popular tourist destination attracting more than 160,000 visitors daily running through central Washington D.C. which joins the U.S. Capitol and the White House. Akinori paid a visit to the Japan-America Society of Washington D.C. on January 3, and discussed the festival with President & CEO Mr. John Malott and the staff, and it has been decided that he will participate in the Japanese Street Festival on April 9, Saturday, as a NASCAR driver.

Pepsi Fall Brawl 250 / October 10, 2010 (Oct/22/2010)

#83 AHI TUNA JERKY Racing FORD FUSIONI participated in the Fall Brawl 250, the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series race that was held at Hickory Motor Speedway. Due to the slow U.S. economy, the entrants of the local races have been decreasing, and only 13 cars were entered in the late model class of the Fall Brawl 250. As the result of my qualifying efforts on Saturday, I started from the last row on the grid. But, as it was a long race, it did not really matter. Many cars retire during the race every year, and it is often said that to receive the checkered flag is the goal. There are no big movements until the tires get worn out, but as the tires go away, changes in running positions can be seen as some spin out while others lose balance. I used this timing to pass several cars and to move forward, but I was spun several times by being pushed from behind. By returning safely to the race, I continued to wage battles, but on the restart from a caution flag on lap 195, the car behind me pushed me, and when my car became uncontrollable, the car running to the left rear of me hit my left side. My car collided with the outside wall, and came to a stop. My race came to an end with 55 laps remaining. Even though I could not receive the checkered flag, I was credited with 10th place. Even though it was a disappointing finish, I was able to learn further the depth of driving on the oval such as the set up of the machine and the actual driving techniques. I would like to put this knowledge to test at my next race. Your continued cooperation and support is greatly appreciated.

Akinori Set To Participate In Pepsi Fall Brawl 250(Oct/07/2010)

#83 AHI TUNA JERKY Racing FORD FUSIONEven though Akinori did not have an opportunity to race for most of the season as Akinori had been busy applying for Visa, he is proud to announce his racing plans for this season. Akinori will again participate in the Pepsi Fall Brawl 250 which will be held at Hickory Motor Speedway. Last year, he was involved in an accident with two other cars at around lap 100, but he will be looking forward to a good finish this year. The Car will be the #83 AHI TUNA JERKY Racing FORD FUSION.

We are sorry but Akinori did not participate in the Bobby Isaac Memorial as scheduled. We are very sorry for any inconveniences it may have caused.

Akinori Visits Japan Fest 2010 AtlantaOct/07/2010

JAPAN FEST 2010 AtlantaLike last year, Akinori participated in Japan Fest 2010. The Racecar that was displayed in the middle of the food court was very popular among the visitors, and the driver Akinori Ogata enjoyed two days of greeting both Japanese living in the U.S. as well as the local fans. A charity box was placed at the booth, and the contribution totaling $70.15 will be made to Save the Children Japan.

Moving My Base To North Carolina, The Home Of NASCAROct/07/2010

Akinori has been participating in NASCAR Whelen All-American series since 2003 while making visits to the U.S. from Japan. While making the many round trips, Akinori came to realize that to compete with his American counterparts, he must move his base of racing operations from Japan to the U.S. Akinori had been working on receiving his Visa since last year, and after finally receiving one, he has moved his base to North Carolina in August of 2010 to further pursue his racing goals. Akinori will appreciate your continued support.

2nd AOF Charity Slickcart event reportJul/09/2010

Slickcart event reportAOF Charity Slickcart event was held on July 3, 2010, Saturday, at BigBang Amusement Park located in Yamato City of Kanagawa Prefecture. A total of 47 participants (38 men, 3 ladies, and 6 students) took part in the fun event that was filled with laughter. We were able to donate 16,503 yen to the children around the world through Save The Children Japan.Mr. Akiyama, a wheelchair bound member of the Sagamihara City Social Welfare Association, also participated in this event. It was heartwarming to see everyone lend a helping hand when it was Mr. Akiyama’s turn at the Slickcart. It had been several years since Mr. Akiyama drove a cart, but he seemed to be enjoying the experience.As a result of the understanding and cooperation of the participants and the various companies that supported this event, it was possible to successfully complete our second event.Thank you very much for you support.

2nd AOF Charity Slickcart event Cooperations

Going NASCAR Racing With YOKOSO! JAPANApr/28/2010

YOKOSO JAPANYOKOSO! JAPAN is JNTO’s campaign which publicizes to the people overseas the attractiveness of Japan and to promote tourism under this logo. Starting from 2010, YOKOSO! JAPAN logos will be displayed on Akinori Ogata’s NASCAR race car which will be raced in the United States. He will not only race but will actively be participating in events so that as a NASCAR driver, he will be meeting with many people and will promote with responsibility the attractiveness of Japan.

MAC TOOLS SALE Event Apr/28/2010

MAC TOOLS SALE EventMAC TOOLS Golden Week(Japanese Calendar)Event where MAC TOOLS products will be offered at sale prices will be held on May 1 (Saturday) and 2 (Sunday) at MAC TOOLS Ichihara Store in Chiba Prefecture. During this event, Akinori Ogata will hold a Autograph session on May 2. Akinori Ogata’s #83 NASCAR MACTOOLS merchandise will also be available, along with the MAC TOOLS version of his hero card. Please feel free to drop by.

Akinori Ogata to Participate In Auto Salon 2010Which Is To Be Held at Makuhari Messe Jan/7/2010

2010Which Is To Be Held at Makuhari MesseAkinori Ogata will participate in Auto Salon 2010 which will be held at Makuhari Messe from January 15 to 17 of 2010. He will be at the booth of Maziora and SHOWup, both of which sponsored Akinori at NASCAR races in 2009. At the booth, he will be selling the 2009 NASCAR Participation T-shirts, as well as giving away his post cards. Akinori himself will be at the booth, so stop on by. He will be waiting for you at the SHOWup and Maziora booth.

Our Appreciation For Your Contributions   2009/09/28/ MON

CharityContributions that we received at the Akinori Ogata Booth of Japan Fest that was held in Atlanta on September 19 and 20 will be donated to Save the Children Japan which in turn will be distributed to children worldwide. We appreciate your contributions from the bottom of our hearts.

2009/9/19,20 JAPAN FEST, Atlanta G.A. - USD $119.13

Japan Fest, Atlanta 2009   2009/08/21/ FRI

Japan Fest, Atlanta 2009 Akinori Ogata's booth will be present at the Japan Fest which will be held on September 19 (Saturday) and 20 (Sunday) at Atlanta, Georgia. This is the largest Japan festival held in the eastern U.S., and is a popular event with not only many Japanese visitors but many American visitors in attendance as well. The booth will also feature the NASCAR racing machine to appeal to many of the visitors that he is participating in the NASCAR series as a Japanese.

Race schedule has been finalized.    2009/08/XX/ XXX

尾形 明紀 尾形 明紀

Race Schedule on June 13   2009/06/13/ SAT

My first race for 2009 will be on June 13 (Saturday) as scheduled,but my second race which had been set for June 20 (Saturday)will be postponed. I will inform you of the new schedule when it is finalized. The paint scheme introduced here will onlybe used for therace on June 13.

Signs Contract with ENEOS USA   2009/05/25/ MON

ENEOS In May of 2009, Nippon Oil (USA) Ltd and Akinori Ogata Inc. signed a contract for the 2009 NASCAR Whelen All-American Series, calling for Eneos USA's support of Akinori Ogata Inc. Eneos USA has mainly been participating in the drifting series, but this support of Ogata will be their first endeavor in any form of NASCAR racing series.

Participating in Races with MACTOOLS Japan   2009/05/25/ MON

MACTOOLS Starting from 2009, MacTools Japan (Stanley Works Japan) and NASCAR driver Akinori Ogata have decided to reunite and race. The strong relationship developed between MacTools Japan and Ogata during Ogata's tenure as sales promotional driver for "Midget", the tool box original to Japan, has resulted in this reunion. The "Midget" brand was derived from the open wheel race category in which Ogata had been participating. During the 2006 season, which had been his seventh season since starting racing in the midget series, he earned his first victory while driving the MacTools machine. The two parties both had strong desires to go NASCAR racing in 2007, but unfortunately, this did not come to fruitation. Due to their two year blank, both parties have strong desires to resume NASCAR racing.

2009 AKINORI's Race Schedule Announced   2009/04/27/ MON

This will be my 6th season of NASCAR racing. I am now applying for visa so that I can move my base to North Carolina, and I would like to inform you that I have decided on my racing schedule. My car number will be 83, and I will be participating in 10 races. I will basically be racing at the historical track of Hickory Motor Speedway where many star drivers were born, along with events at Caraway Speedway.

『2009 Race Schedule』
『HMS Late Model Stock Driver List』

Maziora join Akinori in racing again   2009/04/16/ THU

Maziora Akinori OgataNippon Paint’s “Maziora” brand which supported Akinori Ogata when he first started NASCAR racing in 2003 and 2004 will return to NASCAR with Akinori Ogata starting from the 2009 season. Maziora also participates in Formula Drift which is held mainly on the West Coast, but with Maziora entering the American market, will support Ogata’s NASCAR machine which is based on the East Coast. Maziora is one of Nippon Paint’s products, and is a special paint with different colors depending on the angle and lighting. Japan Toyota offers limited models with Maziora colors, and along with racing, Maziora paint can also be found on items used in daily life such as cellular telephones.

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